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What is Made by Mal?

MBM truly is the full package when it comes to training, nutrition, supplementation, and support. 

MADE BY MAL programs were created for those who are looking to lose body fat, build a good relationship with food, kickstart your fitness journey, or simply get you out of that plateau. It is designed to keep you on track and give you all the tools you need to finally be successful in reaching your goals. 

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My Story

When I first started working out, I didn’t have a clue how to build muscle, eating healthy, and
struggled with results. I had just graduated college when I bought my first gym membership in
Oklahoma. I was a middle school, high school, and collegiate cheerleader and although I loved
it, I struggled with food. Eventually, my bad relationship with food, I began to develop an eating
disorder. It was a dark time and just didn’t like the way I looked or felt. That stayed with me
through post-graduation until I became a member of golds gym. Training 2-3x a day receiving
little result. I never took a day off, and the trainers at my gym took notice. They invited me to
workout with them and that’s when things turned.
My learned so much about putting together a routine, form, reps and sets, recovery, etc. I was
hungry and wanted to learn. 2 years later, I took 6months to study for my certification and
became training clients. Fast forward years later, I am so happy to be leading and coaching
hundreds of clients online and seeing them achieve their bodies. Fitness is more than the
physical, it molds and shapes your ideals, your disciplines, your perseverance. If you can be
discipline in health and fitness, you can be successful in other areas of life. I take pride in
leading men and women to have a healthy relationship with food, the gym, and staying on
My hands-on approach is where my clients thrive. No one gets left behind. Setting them up for
success and giving them the tools, they need to be consistent long after. This is Made By Mal.

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Nobody Gets left behind

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