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MBM delivers results!
Mallory takes the time to get to know you and gears training to what results you want to see. I love that Mallory’s workout and meal plans are designed specifically to your goals and are adjusted week to week from weekly check-in results. 


I have learned so much about healthy eating and fitness in made by mal and have achieved so many of my goals I have set. I Love the encouragement and support that comes along with being part of the made by mal family.


What is Made By Mal?

MADE BY MAL programs were created for those who are looking to lose body fat, build a good relationship with food, kickstart your fitness journey, or simply get you out of that plateau. It is designed to keep you on track and give you all the tools you need to finally be successful in reaching your goals. MBM truly is the full package when it comes to training, nutrition, supplementation, and support. -XOXO Mal

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