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October 4 Week Challenge Now Open

What is the challenge?

In this program, you will learn various workouts, how to eat healthy, make decisions that will benefit you for the long haul, and how to FIND AND KEEP YOUR MOMENTUM. No more bouncing around from diet to diet. You will learn the strategies and foundation principles that Mal teaches to her clients. 

This Challenge is perfect if you want to:

⚪️ Lose Body Fat

⚪️Build a good relationship with food.

⚪️Join in a supportive network of likeminded women

What does it involve?

⚪️4 weeks of my favorite workouts and  simple recipes

⚪️24/7 online or phone support from myself

⚪️Weekly check ins

⚪️Connecting w/ other MBM Girls in our Facebook group

If you’ve been waiting for the “right time” this challenge is for you! Pair up with your mom, sis, gym bestie - and let’s do this!

Accepting 4 Clients for September

1:1 Online Coaching

During this time you learn the strategies on how to build a better relationship with food, eat for you goals, and build the body you want in the gym or at home. The choice is yours.


Schedule your one on one personal training session with Mal for 60 min at a centralized private gym in San Antonio, TX. From a single session to unlimited monthly sessions, the choice is yours.


Becoming Your Best Self

Everyday we are blessed with testimonials from the women who have taken the leap of faith to join our uplifting community.